I believe the elderly and disabled are entitled to the same dignity, respect and independence they have experienced throughout their lives. I have worked alongside families for nearly 30 years and have found that a holistic approach is best; each family situation is unique.

We’ll help you understand the options and tools that will allow the protection and preservation of savings, an estate and legacy. Our Elder Law services include:

Estate Planning

Every Estate plan should include a Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Directive and Last Will and Testament. I often meet with clients who only have one of the three (3) documents. Illness strikes at any age and every individual ought to have the opportunity to select the person/ or people who can make his/her financial and medical decisions and carry out his/her estate administration.

Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is particularly painful. This office assists with Estate Administration from the simple to the complex. Some clients only seek guidance and desire to handle most of the administration on their own, while other clients would like the office to assist with all aspects of the Estate administration.

Guardianship Applications

Handling a loved one’s financial and medical decisions becomes particularly confusing when the person has not adequately prepared. A Guardianship is a legal arrangement where a court grants a person legal authority to care for the person or property of another person in such situations. This office can assist with a Guardianship application if necessary.

Medicaid Application/Asset Protection

See explanation of the value of using an attorney to process the Medicaid application.

Family Planning

A prenuptial Agreement has become a vital and important part of most pre-wedding plans. This office can answer your questions and prepare the necessary documents to protect your assets.

Real Estate Closings

This office handles residential real estate closings from the initial contract through closing.