Clients often ask “can I handle the Medicaid application on my own?” My answer is “not unless you spend enough time researching, gathering and completing the application and can absorb the risk of getting denied which can cost thousands of dollars.”

The Medicaid application requires attention to detail and significant supporting documentation. There is a lot of room for error. Mistakes can delay the application for many months or worse, the application may be denied. With long term care costing upwards of $8,000.00- $10,000.00 per month, the more appropriate question is whether it makes sense to pay a professional to prepare and submit the application.


What is the benefit of hiring an Elder Law Attorney?

An elder law attorney can determine if and when the applicant qualifies for Medicaid benefits. The professional understands the supporting documentation and does not make light of transfer of assets. The professional can identify the issues that are not apparent to the lay person or family member who may feel the applicant appropriately “paid” or “made a gift” that Medicaid deems a transfer and could result in a denial. A professional knows how to proactively deal with issues in the application.


Why use an attorney to process the Medicaid application?

An elder attorney is familiar with the law and able to identify issues with the Durable Power of Attorney; assist with establishing necessary documents such as Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Wills and Trusts. An attorney can identify exempt assets as well as preparing and submitting the application. Most importantly, the attorney can spot issues.


Why use Dora Coyle, Esq.

I have prepared Medicaid applications in New Jersey and New York for 25 years. The law has changed significantly over the years and the application process has become more challenging as the government budgets have become tighter. I provide the guidance and knowledge that your Medicaid application will be processed correctly and timely.